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I have always wanted to write a book, where do I start?

I certainly believe that everyone has something to say. Our experiences in life can be some of the most powerful of teachers. I cannot stress enough how every event we have in life lends to the experiences that we are responsible to share with others. Our message can be passed on and can help others make changes in their own lives and take necessary action. Consider this the light in the tunnel. Your insights have value. Nothing is more disturbing to me then to see someone with such value hide due to lack of confidence. The time is now. Whether you share your knowledge with a friend, whether you share it with a group, understand that the information that you provide to others will obtain a life of its own. Your work, your message, if documented will surpass you. So if you want to write a book, stop censoring yourself, or living in self-doubt and start writing.

First write for yourself. Take the time to start a project with the intention that the book is for you. Gather your informati…

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