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When We Make the Right Decisions for Ourselves

It is amazing how much our own choices and free will can determine our quality of life. Everyone has a path in which they can follow; however there are many different forks in the road that can allow us to become sidetracked from our true destination. It is our own free will to travel these courses and our own choice to participate in whatever these paths have in store for us.

We may stray from our course from time to time, but if we are fortunate, we will recognize what feels right to us and what does not. Sometimes the line that separates the two can be difficult to determine when we are in a clouded state of mind. However, once that cloudiness clears, we are then able to feel a specific pull towards a positive decision, one not made out of will, but rather out of instinct. This is a very empowering moment of discovery because our awareness is aligned with our purpose.

When we make the right decision for ourselves, we go through stages. At first we may feel indecisiveness as we do …

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