A Vulnerability to Evil

If you believe that good exists you must also accept that evil has its place in the world as well. You might see things in the world that are of obvious evil, such as killings, mass destruction, disorder, and ultimate chaos. But there are also evils that lurk in your every day life that can hide themselves from your direct awareness. This is the evil of the individual.

There is a fine line that separates us from one or the other. Good is out of pure virtue. Evil is out of pure vindication. Good feeds off of love and content. Evil feeds of misery and disception. Evil also feeds off of one's doubt. This could be the doubt present in yourself or it could be the doubt present in your situation. When doubt exists within a person, they lose contact with who they are. They lose sight of their goals, inhibitions, and sometimes even morals.

Although doubt exists in all of man and this is only of his nature, it can lead to a feast for evil. If evil exists in the mind, it will also exist in the body. Therefore a person of a weak mind is susceptible and vulnerable to the hands of evil. As a weakness in the mind can cause someone to be easily swayed to either side.

Some of the effects of evil in the mind and in the heart are a lack of care and a lack of love for themselves and of others. When a person goes into their own darkness, they lose sight of their morals. Things that mattered to them before, do not matter to them now. It is as if a sleep has come over their mind, but their body is still functioning, feeding off of their own negativity and hate. The deeper one allows themselves to be taken, the further away the person will be from all that they had loved.

Characteristics of this possession are introversion, confinement to a location, constant need for darkness even during the day, poor eating behaviors, and personal hygeine. They will live in their own dirt never allowing themselves to be cleansed of their emotions. The person is often always on edge or depressed. They do not want love to be shown to them even in the smallest amount of the sense as that would counteract the evil within them. They will often say and do things without thought, harming those within their inner circle. They will seek conflict as conflict exists in them. They will seek destruction as they themselves feel destructed.

They will purposely surround themselves with clutter, closing them in even further to their own doings. Evil is the blockage of good. It is the darkness that lurks on a weakened soul. It may start out small, but it will eventually engulf and overcome its victim, unless they are awoken by force. This force will have to be so powerful that it draws out of them the person they were before. It causes them to remember their purpose and intention, long enough to listen to what they were doing and becoming.

This awareness is usually brought on by hurt as it takes ones emotions to be jolted back into sense. This awareness can be brought on by the ultimate loss to the victim, the loss of the one thing that mattered to them the most. Or awareness can be brought on by a spiritual healer, or one of spiritual strength to vanquish the darkness over the person's mind long enough to let the core of the individual show through. It is when one forgets who they are, and why they are here, that they lose sight of their purpose. When such sight is at a loss, it leaves room for others intent to come in, good or evil.

A person bound by evil may act the opposite of how they would want to. On the inside they may really want to show or feel love, but the evil on their mind prevents them from doing so. Their senses are temporarily disabled. The further away they can get themselves from love, the more the evil feast, the more it will grow as darkness does not thrive on light.

When a person awakens from this darkness, which can occur over a short or long length of time, they start to see once more. Their senses and their inner spirit are brought into contact with the body once again. If they do not awaken, their mind will be driven further and further away from their truth, plaguing them of all that mattered to them in their world, destroying the spiritual lining.

One can prevent this possession by being mindful of their weaknesses. If they are able to recognize the presence of evil before it overcomes them, then they can focus in on their strengths and eliminate or remove the obstacles preventing them from good. Evil does exist, but how it exists, is up to those that let it.


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