Ask a Psychic: How can I enhance the positive energy in my life?

This week's question comes from a client who's become increasingly aware of the role that each of us play in creating the lives that we desire.

She's begun to follow her own spiritual path; immersing herself in various metaphysical studies and opening up to spiritual teachings on-line and in her community.

She's been inspired and encouraged by the results she's already achieved. But she also feels that she could be doing something more.

She's looking for greater meaning in her life and also wants to use what she's learned to help others.

She feels that she's growing in leaps and bounds and yet still wonders if something might be missing.

She's asks: "What things can I do from a psychic perspective to enhance the positive energy in my life and manifest things that I not only desire but are beneficial to my soul growth in a positive way?"

This week I take a look at her question, using a three-card tarot spread, as well as the psychic impressions that came to her while meditating on this client's questions.

Here's her response:

Hello and thank you for your question! The cards I pulled for you were from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck.

I picked Wisdom, Partnership & Alliances, and Hope. I am including the clairvoyant messages that are coming to me as well.

The card of Wisdom for me tells me that you are at a stage in your life where you are ready to learn. You are ready to take your intuitive gifts to the next level and actually start manifesting more of your purpose. So the teacher will soon appear.

It is like you have already started to open the gate inside of yourself but it is going to be expanding even more so.

The card of Partnership & Alliances tells me that in order for you to increase the positive energy in your life you need to access what relationships benefit you and what relationships do not. If something or someone is depleting your energy then you know that it is taking a toll on your well being instead of enhancing it.

Be mindful of this, not everyone is at the same stage or vibration that you are at right now and as you evolve so will your vibrations. Remember like attracts like. To be positive you need to be around positive people and others that are just as interested in moving forward as you are.

The card of Hope tells me you are stepping into a new phase of your life where you are acting out of purpose not out of necessity. You will be able to manifest your soul’s desires and purpose by focusing your intentions.

Use meditations as a time to focus on your goals and to also listen to hear what your Spirit Guides are trying to tell you.

Pay attention to coincidences and signs that will be coming, you will be drawn to people, places, and things for a reason. It’s your Spirit Guide’s way of laying out a map right in front of you.

Keep us posted and most importantly trust your intuition, it’s truly lighting your path.


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