Ask a Psychic: How Do I Know Where I Stand?

This week's question comes from a woman who's been seeing a man she met on a popular dating website for the past four months.

While they've been seeing one another semi-regularly, he does make a point of reminding her how much he loves his freedom. While he hasn't expressed a desire to become exclusive, he has expressed jealousy over the prospect of her seeing others.

She feels like she's getting a lot of mixed messages from him. She also wonders if there is a potential for things to develop into a more serious relationship or if that prospect will continue to be just out of reach.

On the one hand he's sweeping her off her feet with grand romantic gestures (like chartering a plane and whisking her away to exotic locales for the weekend), and on the other he rarely discusses feelings and seems to focus on the physical aspects of their relationship instead.

She's confused about not only where things stand now, but where they might be heading in the future. Because she has young children, she's not able to be as free-spirited or spontaneous as he seems to be, but she  also doesn't want to waste her time on a man who may not have any interest in taking this romance to the next level.

Here I take a look at her question with a three tarot card spread using the beautiful Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards deck by John Holland.

The cards pulled were Throat Chakra, Triumph and New Beginnings. Here's the spread:

And here is my interpretation:

Thank you so much for writing in. My first impressions is that you need to communicate what you want and what you expect out of this relationship. This is where the Throat Chakra comes into play.

Just because you are being swept off your feet does not mean that you should not have any expectations on the relationship. This time and opportunity is being presented to you to allow you a moment to speak up for yourself and really express your wants and needs.

This is where there was a lot of confusion with your prior relationships. It was like your voice was never being heard and the person you were with wasn’t listening.

I know this might be scary and might be overwhelming for you to do, but you and your beautiful girls deserve the best and anyone that compromises this or falls short can move on. I am showing that you will be successful with expressing your needs and being up front. This is where the Triumph card comes in.

Don’t feel that you are risking anything at all. This will actually set the stage for the future of the relationship and make him own up to what you are about. If he wants to be exclusive then you can tell him you expect the same amount of loyalty and tell him you deserve this.

There are a few things going on here, you are building a relationship, you are sticking up for yourself and rebuilding your self-esteem. Just because you are living with family right now don’t feel that this will last forever. This is only temporary.

I do see the New Beginnings card coming in the near future but this one will be owned by you. Stand up for yourself, set healthy boundaries and expectations and look at the big picture on what they really have to offer you.

Money is nice but being treated like the queen you are is even nicer. Make sure he is clear on what your expectations of the relationship are and see if he is ready to grow together.

Keep us posted on your progress and thanks again for writing in!

Many blessings you are a strong woman!

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This column was originally posted on "Real Psychics for Real People"


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