Change is Not an Option... It's a Direction

Making a change in your life can be one of the most difficult challenges.  Perhaps you are changing your location or physical surrounding or perhaps you are digging even deeper and working towards a change in yourself.  Often change approaches us and we are forced to adapt.  The old shoes won't fit anymore and it's time to try on a new pair. Whatever life event that occurs to introduce us to a change, think of it as not an option, but a direction.

If it wasn't for change we would never advance or we would never seek out a new path.  Holding on to our own complacency and trying to prevent a necessary change from occurring only leads to our own self-defeat.  Be open to change.  Be aware of catalysts that occur around you that are pointing you towards another direction.  There is no "map" in life, but there are always signs.  It is up to us to acknowledge these signs and pay attention when change or new directions approach us.

Despite our sometimes fast-paced worlds that we have established for ourselves, always remember to retreat for a few moments and be aware of your intuition.  Life events occur in stages.  Sometimes several occurrences will happen at once that force you to take notice.  Embrace synchronicity as it guides you.  Pay attention to people, places, and things. You will always be surrounded with the right people at the right moment.  You will be provided the right information at the right time.  This is when you will know that you are on the exact path you were intended to be on.


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