Don't Fight the Waves... Ride them

Life is about changes and the catalysts that lead up to those changes.  One moment we are needed in one area only to find soon later another shift to present itself.  We can deal with changes in two ways.  We can either fight the waves or we can ride them.

If we fight the waves, we are trying to control something we essentially have no control over.  We eventually have to succumb to the laws of motion and go towards the change.  Fighting the waves and fluctuations in life only lead us to spiritual and mental exhaustion.  Our energy can be used more efficiently for better purposes and be used to shape our own mental clarity versus destroying it.

Keep in mind that no knowledge or experience goes to waste.  It only prepares us for the next journey, the next lesson.  When we accept change and are willing to ride the waves, we allow the Universe to place us where we belong.  We accept our own evolution to go forward.


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