Everything Happens For A Reason: Spiritual Catalysts

There are two ways you can choose to live your life.  You can either live life blindly and not pay attention to anything going on around you or you can live your life and look at each occurrence as having a spiritual meaning or message.  Spiritual meanings I like to term as Spiritual Catalysts.  This is where one instance in your life happens and although you might take the habit to immediately label this issue as bad, there really is a deeper purpose behind the occurrence.

Spiritual Catalysts help us learn and help us grow.  They are the preparations that we often need to help achieve that new level we were wanting to ultimately get to in the first place.  However we always have the power of free will.  We have the power to take the challenge or move away from it.  If we do not accept the challenge, the Universe will only try and try to present it to us again.  This is where patterns will keep repeating themselves until we choose to break them.  This is the Universe's way of helping us grow.

When you start to view life in this way, you can actually push through the challenges understanding that wisdom and the right of passage is on the other side.  The Universe also has a great way of letting us know when one life situation is about to end so that another situation can begin.

We might say to ourselves why is all of this happening to me?  Why is my luck so bad?  I've heard countless times before, "If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all."  However I would like to say the latter is happening.  This is good luck even if at the time we choose to not label our situation in this way.  Know that every occurrence has a spiritual purpose, a Spiritual Catalyst that allows us to abandon what we knew before and move beyond.

I will go ahead and give you a perfect example and something that always comes up for me personally.  Our family moves around a lot.  We can always tell when our time is up somewhere because different things start to occur that are very much beyond our control.  Sometimes they are really small things that add up and sometimes they are very big things that we can't fix and have to vacate.

The Universe has a way of putting on the breaks too when we might think we are supposed to move and we are not.  Or we do have to move but it is within that state and area versus across the country.   The extreme case of this was when our family was living in Kentucky.  We had a sewer line break in the house and the fumes were coming through.  We needed to take action quickly.  We had been saving our money to move our family across country and were talking about doing so.  We had lived in Kentucky for about 5 years which was very long for us to stay in one place.  We longed to get back to the west coast, but we had some unfinished spiritual business and the Universe had no problems in letting us know our timing was not right.  My husband and I were sitting there talking about moving and the printer in my husband's office turned on and started printing.  There was one phrase printed in the smallest print, "Your work here is not finished.

It was at that time we immediately stopped talking about moving across country and said ok we need to stay in this area.  We found a house about 30 minutes outside of our current town and was in a larger city.  Literally right as we were moving my husband's grandmother would be placed in the hospital in that city and would soon wind up never returning to her own home closer to where we lived before.

Spiritual Catalysts are roadmaps that let us know where we need to be and when.  They allow us to learn life lessons and shape us to be the person we were intended to be to help others.  Pay attention.  Be aware.  Look for a spiritual flow of events.


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