How do I move on from my past hurts in life?

We have the power to create our own stories and be our own voice. When we allow ourselves to constantly retreat and attach ourselves to our hurt energy, we are allowing ourselves to live in a lower vibration. It is ok to grieve. It is ok to feel and I am not suggesting that you suppress any of this. However, give yourself a boundary. If you start to think about their actions, give yourself a time limit. Allow yourself to only think about this for 10 minutes. And when you do have these thoughts come into your head, don’t attach their lack of care to your outcome. Use this to motivate you to be more loving towards others. You were given this experience for a reason, use this not as something to keep you down, but to help you push forward. Sometimes we are shown how to be by being shown how not to be.

After the time has passed, whatever time frame you set, then take another 10 minutes to focus on your direction and positive attributes about yourself. This will help you increase your vibrations and get out the pattern.

Originally published on Quora.


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