How to Be Spiritual in a Physical World: Inner Wisdom

The heart and soul can expose so much daily.  We are receiving constant communication from our spiritual guides and are always being presented with life lessons that will help us acquire or aid our future path.  Every lesson leads us to a greater plane of awareness and provides us with a better understanding of the purpose of our existence. This inner guidance is no different than you showing up for "work" or for "school" as you need to take time to make the connection point with you and your guides.  If you feel as though you are not connected, then you need to figure out what your obstruction is and then focus on how to remove the obstacles.

What stands in your way of achieving a higher level of communication with your guides? 

We can alter our paths and we can alter our bodies.  Our spirit and our physical body is deeply interconnected.  What we perform or subject our body to the spirit feels the consequence.  When we lack something our body needs, the spirit grieves or suffers.  It is important that we digest the value of awareness.  We are not just one dimensional individuals where we live and think on the physical planes of life alone.  Instead we are of multi-dimensions and we are interacting with our guides that are here to help us achieve our life mission. Numbing out our own path's desires puts a spiritual burden on our bodies.  We can feel as though we are "off" and not ourselves.  We start running into obstacles.  We start going against the current that we were intended to travel.  Taking the time to listen to what your body is telling you is the first step to connecting the void.  Listen to the wind.  What messages do you hear?  Taking the right direction can be the difference between success and downfalls.

How do we evolve ourselves? 

Our physical world changes constantly.  Our spiritual evolution is no different.  What worked for one years ago may or may not be the path that was intended to be maintained.  We have to pay attention to the changes in ourselves and see not just where we may feel comfortable as this state of being can lead us down to a complacent lifestyle.  We need to ask where do we want to be versus where we are. Surround yourself with positive examples and positive minded individuals.  If you find yourself surrounded by other individuals in avoidance, you will begin to think this is acceptable and can steer from your own path.  Know that there are no mistakes.  Sometimes what we think is a mistake was actually a spiritual occurrence or a means of redirection.  


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