I Am My Best When I ...

We all know that feeling, that feeling we get when we know we are on the right path.  There is that sense of balance that comes over us and embraces our hearts with the most perfect warmth.  It’s that moment when we feel like everything is perfect and we are content.  We couldn’t ask for anything more or anything less.  We are finally at home with ourselves and ready to face whatever the world throws at us.

When we are not at balance, there are doubts and concern.  We feel although we are hitting obstacles instead of pathways.  This is when there is something standing in the way of our spiritual energies.  There is a blockage that prevents us from going forward with grace and ease.

The universe has its own rhythm.  It is our duty to find that rhythm within ourselves that allows us to go along with the flow of our intuitive destiny.  When are we our best?  What stands in our way from being our best?  What do we feel prompted to do and become?  Are we on the path or are we up against walls?

So answer this, “I am my best when I…”


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