Keeping Self-Commitments

Did you ever wonder why it is easy to wake up every morning if you know you have to be at work, but yet hard to wake up early and focus on yourself and some of your own projects?

How easy it is to put ourselves in the background and put other's commitments in the forefront.  We tend to lose our personal intentions when they do not rely on the suiting of others. Procrastination becomes more of a self torture than a pleasure.  Perhaps we have failed to realize that we are our own bosses and it is up to us to display that same dedication to ourselves as we would others.  We have goals and we have desires that we want to accomplish and time should not be an excuse or a delay for action. If time appears to be a factor with your self-commitments begin blocking out your time into more manageable fragments.  It might mean just taking two hours out of your day to work on your projects.  It may not seem like much, but at the end of the work week you would have 10 hours spent working towards your goal. These 10 hours a week might just be the jump start you need to keeping your own self-commitments and making your work matter too without being so overwhelmed.


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