5 Ways Relationships Help Us Heal

Sixteen years ago I met my husband and my life changed from that very moment.  I was 24 years old then and was traveling on my own still finding my place.  I was comfortable being single and independent but there was that piece that was missing.  Once I met my husband that piece would be made aware to me.

I did a lot of healing work on my own before this.  Disconnecting from my past guilt, working through fears, and taking steps towards rebuilding my true sense of being.  Once I entered the safety of my soul partnership, my walls would come down even further and I would be able to peel back the onion and heal even more.

Relationships take us on a journey.  Each one we encounter gives us an opportunity to heal a certain part of ourselves and grow.

Here are 5 ways relationships can help us heal

1. How we treat others is a true reflection on how we feel about ourselves: When we feel complete within ourselves we have positive relationships and draw relationships that work with our growth for our higher and greater good.  When we feel bad about ourselves or go into that “punishing” mode we choose partners that treat us in a controlling or punishing way.

2.  We can correct our prior patterns by making changes within our current relationships: Our lives start out with patterns and the foundations we had established for us.  We either have secure roots and know how to give and receive love or we have instability and insecurity.  Our job as we blossom beyond our prior family foundation is to create new patterns that work towards growth and help us correct patterns that no longer serve us.

3.  We can see ourselves through another’s eyes and view our true selves: Sometimes we can be too close to ourselves.  We see every fault.  We scrutinize our own imperfections.  When we enter in a healing relationship and one aligned with our higher purpose, this partner will see beauty and will see a perfection that we don’t always allow ourselves to appreciate.

4.  We can build trust and transparency and express ourselves fully: A healing relationship allows us to stop hiding.  It allows us to awaken our soul and feel safe to be who we were truly meant to be.

5.  We can let go of our past stories and agree to make new ones: Recognizing our patterns is just one step in healing but being willing to let them go is another step on our journey.  Ask yourself, “Does this serve my higher purpose?”  or “Is it time to let go?”  What we leave behind with our past stories allows us to create more space for our future.


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