Power of Change

Life changes. Nature changes. All things go through this process of metamorphosis, where we begin as one thing and transform into another. We constantly go through cycles and levels of awareness.
Once we have settled into the arena of thinking that this is all there is, we are then challenged to turn the page and realize we are at the start of a new chapter and not at the end of the book.

Sometimes change comes to us by choice and other times it comes to us by situation. It is often a surprise guest in our homes, an unexpected invitation to become better than what we were yesterday by waking up and realizing what we are right now.

Change is not always welcomed, but however uncomfortable it may feel at the time, it is a necessary reflex of nature and the evolution of the human spirit. Sometimes change feels great and sometimes it hurts. Whatever our reaction, it is a mandatory transition that we must encounter to evolve and move forward.

To be that of the wise, we must recognize that doors open and doors close and they revolve quickly when needed to do so. Our challenge is to recognize when change approaches us. When we make the right choices and decisions along our path in life, beautiful things can begin to happen even in the midst of the turmoil and upheaval that changes may bring.

Take hold of change with an open mind. Go where you feel guided and listen to your instincts in the process. Allow the transformation to unfold however it should and then embrace the opportunities that become presented to you. Even what can feel like an emotionally challenging event could just turn out to be a well-guided blessing, we just don’t know it yet.


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