Taking Ownership of What You Become

We often make excuses for our behaviors as if someone else was responsible for the choices we ourselves made. Somehow perhaps we find comfort by placing blame on others for our own ill ways, when in reality, there is no one to blame, but yourself.

You can choose to struggle in life or you can choose to live. The choice is up to you. If you think for one moment that having someone in your life will allow you to become responsible for your actions and choices in life, think again. If you want perfection, then you have to become it. If you want that “perfect” mate then you have to “perfect” yourself. You have to brush off the dirt and allow yourself the purity to know who you are, before you invite someone else in.

The beauty of life and of its lessons is that we are guided towards completion. If we feel discomfort then we are guided towards having a sense of “longing” that we would like a change. If you don’t feel good about how you are living right now then there is a reason for that. There is a reason for your own self mistreatment and that reason is not always someone else.

You are responsible for what you become. Make no excuses for what brought you there, and make no excuses for where you intend to be. If you don’t have goals, get some. Even small successes in life can turn around to feel big. Each step you take working towards goals and actually setting them down onto paper, the closer you become with yourself. Taking time to invest in something positive, instead of something negative can allow you to establish your own sense of self worth. If you don’t have a positive outlook then that is your own choice, but even that choice is not permanent.

You have the ability to change your mind. You have the ability to escape your own darkness and bring yourself into light. Despite your background, despite your feelings of emotional instability, you can change your perspectives in life, and you can become loving and considerate of your own needs, instead of wasting time trying to tune them out.

Understand that you do have a gift, but it is your responsibility to uncover that gift. It is your responsibility to fight off any obstacles that stand in your way from achieving your higher self. If you have had negative experiences in life then do something to make them positive. Use your experience to help others. Use your experience to help yourself, after all, isn’t that your responsibility?


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