When We Make the Right Decisions for Ourselves

It is amazing how much our own choices and free will can determine our quality of life. Everyone has a path in which they can follow; however there are many different forks in the road that can allow us to become sidetracked from our true destination. It is our own free will to travel these courses and our own choice to participate in whatever these paths have in store for us.

We may stray from our course from time to time, but if we are fortunate, we will recognize what feels right to us and what does not. Sometimes the line that separates the two can be difficult to determine when we are in a clouded state of mind. However, once that cloudiness clears, we are then able to feel a specific pull towards a positive decision, one not made out of will, but rather out of instinct. This is a very empowering moment of discovery because our awareness is aligned with our purpose.

When we make the right decision for ourselves, we go through stages. At first we may feel indecisiveness as we do not yet own the actions we are preparing to make. Second, we go through a grievance period, where we are being asked to let go of the old path. You come to a point where you can’t stay in the same situation, but yet you do not know how to go forward. Embrace this moment, as this is part of the universe’s way of guiding you through the transition and into your new role in life. Even though your old situation may feel comfortable, you can come to the conclusion that it no longer suits you. Then you are faced with the choice to either continue the same situation or venture out into the unknown.

You can determine a situation is no longer beneficial to you by analyzing your thoughts and feelings. Think about how your body reacts to the environment or situation you are subjected to. Think of how your well-being is impacted. Are you happy or are you sad? Do you feel free or do you feel confined? Are you able to be yourself or do feel as though you must hide? Look at all the factors and answer these questions honestly to yourself.

Perhaps the life situation suited our needs at one point in our lives and now it does not. This occurs frequently because people change and so do the situations that they involve themselves in. Once we reach this particular stage, where we feel stagnant or blocked, it is our responsibility to take control and make a change based on what we know and how we feel. Give yourself time to rest on your decisions before you take action. Some people need a month to think their decisions through and others may choose to take six months to a year. Whatever your time period may be, just pay attention to how you feel and become in touch with your mind-body connection. You will know in your heart what choice to make.

Once you have gone through your waiting period, then you are ready to take action and put a change in motion. You can start out with baby steps or you can take giant leaps of faith. Do what feels right to you and what comes natural. Remember it does take a lot of courage and strength to embark on a change, so expect to feel emotions during this time. Once you have taken action, if you have made the right decision for yourself, you should feel relieved. Even despite the onslaught and struggle, you should feel like you are released and ready to embark on your future.

How will you know if you made the right decision? After any leftover emotions have subsided, you will begin to see and experience major transformations in yourself and in your life. The universe will validate your choice and let you know that you have done the right thing by opening up doors that were once closed. This is an amazing confirmation that starts occurring almost immediately.

Trust in your instincts and pay attention to what guidance the universe provides. If there are blockages in your life, look to see why, and then wait for your answers. All will be revealed at precisely the right moment, to prepare you, to make a right decision.


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